HTMl-5 Image

HTML-5 & Canvas Cheat Sheet

HTML is an abbreviation for "Hyper Text Markup Language". And the purpose of HTML earlier was to define the text content in a Web Page for building a Website. But now with the Developers working so hard to make things more easier and more applicable, HTML-5 has already been introduced to the world. HTML-5 has [...]

CSS Image

CSS & CSS3 Cheat Sheet

With the Technology Innovating day by day, the process of Development is becoming more like a challenge!! Web-Development is such an important process without which we can't be like as          we are now any more. We all have become Social Mediaholic. The new attractive and responsive websites are catchy and appealing [...]

Android Image

Can’t Install App Notification!!!

  Hey all, this time we've come with an super easy solution for Android Users who usually gets this stupid notification, "Can't Install App - Free Some Memory". This usually happens with all the Budget Android Smartphones and it doesn't matter of which company your smartphone is!! Usually the Budget smartphones are made for that [...]

ReviewDude is Live!!!

Hey all, welcome to "ReviewDude". This era can be said as Technology oriented, Technology is getting better and better day by day. New inventions and Innovations are surprising us all. With this blog we are working to bring you near to know whats NEW!! Its obvious that there are many more services and companies doing [...]