Can’t Install App Notification!!!


Hey all, this time we’ve come with an super easy solution for Android Users who usually gets this stupid notification, “Can’t Install App – Free Some Memory“.


This usually happens with all the Budget Android Smartphones and it doesn’t matter of which company your smartphone is!!

Usually the Budget smartphones are made for that sweet market segment that wants to use an Android Smartphone but they don’t have any huge Budget for Phones like One Plus 3 or 3T, Google Pixel or any other Expensive High End Android Device.

So, budget smartphones with Low Internal Storage has this problem.

Its doesn’t give user enough room to install more apps from Play Store. And the reason is that all the smartphones running Lollipop have such a restriction that when the last 500 MB space of Internal Storage gets remained then the system do not allows the user to consume any more space. Now nothing can be done with that instead that you Install each App as if you really need it. But sometimes, this issue occurs because of some other reason!!!

Apps with high ram usage are responsible for such problem like Facebook App & Facebook Messenger too, Google Chrome and many more. Because of these apps Cache Data of large MB gets created and that stops you from using your allowed internal storage. 

You can overcome from such situation by just clearing your Cache Data daily, this way you can utilize you total Internal Storage(Allowed) & your device will be working Fluently without any Problems. It is recommended that try to use Lite version of all apps available on Play Store for a Budget smartphone. And moving installed apps onto your SD-Card helps as well.

This will help in saving Internal Storage & Battery as well.

So thats all for such a Super Easy Post, Hope you like and it might come useful.

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Thank You.

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