HTML-5 & Canvas Cheat Sheet

HTML is an abbreviation for “Hyper Text Markup Language“. And the purpose of HTML earlier was to define the text content in a Web Page for building a Website.


But now with the Developers working so hard to make things more easier and more applicable, HTML-5 has already been introduced to the world.

HTML-5 has differentiated itself totally from HTML, as said above HTML was used earlier only for defining Web Content in a Web Page for making a Website, but HTML-5 is a feature rich upgrade of HTML like, “Canvas“. With Canvas it now allows to draw Image, Lines, Compositing, draw Shapes, Pixel Manipulation etc by implementing JS(JavaScript) within the HTML code.

Now with HTML-5 its super easy to design Web Apps, Graphics, Web Games etc. With HTML-5 the process of Web Development is now more efficient and effective allowing to create interactive Web Content with various Animations & Transitions.

Therefore, we are sharing the HTML-5 & Canvas Cheat Sheet which anyone can use and easily work with. Both the New & Not-Supported Tags are highlighted separately so, it would not be difficult for you to find out which one is New and which one is not-supported anymore!

HTML-5 & Canvas Cheat Sheet Image files are below, right click and choose Save as to Download the Cheat Sheet images : –









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